bass guitar/vocals

   Native to New Jersey, Pete Connors is a seasoned "road warrior," having toured all over the world in a variety of dynamic and successful groups. As a young teenager, he used to sneak into concerts at The Limelight and CBGB's, and quickly found strong influence from players such as Geddy Lee, Billy Sheehan, and Steve Vai. Some of his most lucrative involvements have been with The States, Battle Circus, One, and as Shannon's touring bass player (#1 freestyle song, "Let The Music Play").

   Additionally, his cover band, UUU, was one of the largest cover bands on the east coast for over 12 years and drew thousands of people to their shows. They performed eight shows per week, and have been featured VH1’s Cover Wars.

  Pete Connors is a highly accomplished bassist, multi-instrumentalist and singer/songwriter. He has taken on sold-out shows at Madison Square Garden and Nassau Coliseum, so he is no stranger to a good crowd.

   Pete is a cancer survivor, and touches the lives of many people with his incredibly strong spirit and kindness.

   Pete uses Mark Bass/SWR and Fender amps and he is also endorsed by Ernie Ball Basses and Strings.

Pete Connors